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Job offer email

Congratulations! When you send a job offer email, you are acknowledging your clear interest in an applicant – in other words, you have found the person you would like to hire. Now that you have probably already met the candidate in person, you can tie what you put in your message in with your meeting, video interview, or phone call.

This shows the candidate that you have retained a good memory of your personal encounter with them and appreciate the opportunity it presented. However, sending your job offer email does not necessarily mean that you already have a new member of staff, so picking the right words is crucial. After the employer accepts the candidate there are still usually a few things that need to be clarified before the new employee actually starts work and their ultimate acceptance of your offer can depend on them. The extent to which you want to touch on these issues in your job offer email depends entirely on your recruitment and onboarding process.

Three tips for good job offer emails

  1. Write positively: Your new member of staff will probably have beaten a few other applicants to the role. Congratulate them and tell them why they were chosen.
  2. Tell it straight: Finding good employees is a major challenge. Rather than beating about the bush, get to the point as quickly as possible. The successful applicant will have gone to a fair bit of trouble to get the opportunity to work for you. Thank them for their interest in your company and always keep them at eye level in your communications.
  3. Tell them what happens next: Explain the next steps to the candidate. Will there be another meeting? When is the candidate’s deadline for accepting the post? Do you need any more documentation, or would you like a phone call? Don’t leave your new member of staff in the dark about what will happen next.

Template for your job offer emails

Dear Ms. Doe,

Thank you for your application for the post of [Junior Sales Manager CEE]. We are pleased to inform you that we were very impressed when we met you in person and we would like to offer you the position, starting on XX/XX/XXXX.
We picked you out of a large number of applicants as we were won over by your creativity throughout the application process, your specialist expertise, and your professional experience.

We hope that you are interested in working with us and I would ask you to get back to me by XX/XX/XXXX regarding the next steps and your ultimate decision.
I take the liberty of attaching the relevant employment contract for you to read through. Should you have any more questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team and are hoping for a positive response on your part.

Best wishes,
[Your name]


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