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Increase your number of qualified applications

Gain more promising candidates by offering a convenient and professional application experience from start to end. This includes always maintaining personal contact. Prescreen therefore allows you to communicate individually or fully automatically — but always with a personal touch. In this way you will convince as a future employer.

Direkte Bewerbungsmöglichkeit


Convenient application options

Offer your candidates a uniquely simple candidate experience. Enable a quick entry into the application process.

With Prescreen, job seekers can conveniently apply to you via WhatsApp. Integrate a simple button into your job ad and allow for an automated, intuitive application chat. Your advantages:

1. You reach new target groups, spanning many age and occupational groups

2. The function is programmed so that you automatically communicate in your applicants’ language

3. This has been proven to avoid dropouts and improve your completion rate

When you post your jobs on XING, applicants can easily submit their data to you in just one click thanks to XING Easy Apply. This enables you to achieve up to four times the usual application rates.

No matter whether on a smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet – Prescreen ensures that your job listing and application process are responsive and therefore optimized for all desktop as well as mobile devices. In this way, you can reach your desired talent where they are, keep your application process short, and offer applicants a smooth start on their candidate journey.

6 ways to receive promising applicants

Make use of a variety of functionalities to make your application process as applicant-friendly as possible and to offer your candidates a particularly positive candidate journey.

Whatsap application

Application via WhatsApp

Generate more applications and reach candidates where – more and more often – they are searching for jobs: use WhatsApp. Straightforward, fast and intuitive. Prescreen is among the first applicant tracking tools to offer WhatsApp as a modern application channel.

Social Media Import

Social Media import

When they apply via Prescreen, applicants have the option of importing data from their profile on XING or LinkedIn conveniently and in just one click. This guarantees that you always have up-to-date CV information and ensures that the candidates have a relaxed start to the application process.

Manuelle Eingabe

Manual input

Resume information can, of course, also be entered manually via the system. Applicants also have the possibility to check their automatically imported information for accuracy.

Jobbase Profil

Candidate profile

In the candidate center, applicants have the option of managing their own profile. Candidates can log in at any time, even after submitting their application, to add or change information.


CV upload and parsing

Candidates can easily upload their CVs as pdf, doc, docx, rtf or odt files. The information is then being extracted and processed by Prescreen with parsing technology. The original CVs however remain preserved.



Get a better impression of your candidates before the first interview. As part of the application process, ask them to record or upload a video message directly into Prescreen. You could also incorporate knockout questions into your process to immediately identify the qualified applications.


Lift your recruiting to the next level!


Communication with candidates

With Prescreen, all your recruiting is done centrally in one place. You can also use your applicant management system to communicate with your applicants. Keep candidates up to date — respond to them individually or send automated messages to multiple recipients at once.

Whether automated emails or individual messages: With placeholders, email templates and your own company signature, you can ensure that your external communication retains a customized touch.

Automated workflows allow you to establish advanced rules and processes for communicating and notifying candidates. Define various triggers, conditions and actions for your automated process steps. Have a look at some exciting examples:

Confirmation email

After submitting an application, candidates hereby receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. In this way, you again foster a positive step in the candidate journey. Candidates will know that their documents have been successfully received by you and, depending on the content of the confirmation, are then already informed about the duration of the process.

Motivating candidates

Your candidates have not yet completed the application process? Motivate applicants to stay on the ball by sending an automated reminder email after a defined time frame. You can also use automated messages to keep candidates up to date on their application status.

Delayed messages

To make your communication as individual as possible, Prescreen offers the option of sending messages, such as cancellations, with a time delay.

Rejection management

With automated rejection management, you can also provide “not this time” candidates with prompt, appreciative feedback. Define yourself when applicants will be contacted and what your rejection letter to them will look like.

Kommunikation mit Kandidat_innen


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  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Premium support
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Employer branding
  • 100% mobile-ready
  • Flexible languages

Cloud-based and secure

Prescreen is ready-to-use and can be accessed from any device, regardless of location. Our software is hosted on European servers and encrypted using modern security technology. This means no installations or updates are necessary and you can be sure that you always have the latest software version.


Premium support

Our team supports you with valuable expertise and guidance throughout onboarding and beyond. Meet us in regular consultation-hours and webinars to learn about new features. Furthermore, our Support Team is easy to reach.



GDPR compliance

Data protection is a top priority for Prescreen. A wide range of functionalities ensures that you comply with data protection principles such as deletion periods, data minimization and the up-to-dateness of personal data and that your recruiting is implemented in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Your personal touch

Create a corporate signature and templates in your corporate design. These can be adopted and customized for all Prescreen users in your company. In this way you leave a personal impression even in automated messages.




100% mobile-ready

Applications no longer are only sent from home. Enable candidates to apply on the go via smartphone or tablet. Thanks to its responsive user interface and modern technology, Prescreen is available on all devices.


Servus, Ciao, 여보세요, Привет, …

Prescreen speaks the language of your candidates and enables a positive candidate experience. The system is also available in the language of your employees, making recruiting even easier.



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