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Prescreen Kalender
This is a release announcement. The feature will be live by
CW 33.

The Prescreen Calendar is here! It will now be possible to schedule events directly from within the app, manage them, and monitor replies in real-time – all without using a third-party service provider.

Its only limitation is that you will not be able to synchronize your external company calendar. This means there is no option to read information about a meeting room resource’s or a colleagues’ availability from your Exchange, Office 365, or G-Suite client.

Find here an overview of what we’ve developed in terms of functionality:

  • Events
    Creating events now has a space of its own within every candidate’s profile. We have made an effort to bring to you a new set of core features, all of which will further be built on in the future.

    • Smart invites and replies
      Events sent out to your candidates and fellow recruiters will allow them to respond to invitations with a single click and notify you of their choice.
    • Events list
      With our events list, you will now have a visual not only for events that are comping up next, but also a chronicle of what has already happened in the past.

      • Editing
        Unexpected change of plans? There’s now a more efficient way to handle such cases – simply update your events and automatically let all participants know about it.
      • Cancellations
        Forced to cancel entirely? Do so easily by navigating your event list, choosing the event in question, and cancelling it. You will also be given the option to add a cancellation message directly within the updated event.
    • Activity log
      As per usual, we are committed to making sure you can keep track of all communication between candidates and your team. Our activity log now also features entries detailing every creation, edit, and cancellation of an event.
  • In-app notifications
    We will be sending you email notifications for any replies to your events, but you can also find them within your Prescreen Dashboard.Not a fan of multiple reminders? Turn to user profile > notification settings to set up your notification preferences in a way that suits your personal needs.
  • Permission-based
    Of course, the Prescreen Calendar is nested in our permission system and will allow you to restrict access to editing capabilities.
  • Integration of external calendars
    If a primary concern remains to synchronize and access your external Exchange, Office 365, or G-Suite company calendar data via Prescreen and integrating with a third-party service provider is an option; please get in touch with your Prescreen contact to find out more about our offerings.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback so we can make your working day even more enjoyable.

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