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Job Ad Designer: Impress with ads like no one else

Prescreen Job Ad Designer
This autumn means high season for recruiting again. After difficult months, the economic situation and job opportunities are improving — experts expect a real boom on the labor market. The perfect occasion for all companies to get their job ads in shape. With our newly available feature, you will stand out from the crowd and give a professional, but above all distinct impression!

Learn from our article how the new Prescreen Job Ad Designer can help you attract the right applicants, even in times of tough competition. Are you thinking of labor-intensive hours? Time often being a lacking factor in recruiting anyway? The new feature is an intuitive modular system with which you can implement your ideas quickly and flexibly!

  • Design tailor-made job ad templates in no time
  • Create a unique and professional appearance
  • Simplify the publication of your job ads
  • Adjust and vary whenever required
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How to now make an impact thanks to the Job Ad Designer

Templates simply tailor-made

With the Job Ad Designer, you can create custom-fit job ad templates — easily and regardless of your knowledge in design or programming. The tool has a particularly clean look and is built to guide you through the design process in a structured manner. Designated areas allow defining corporate design, desired structure, or also “smart” components (with content allocation, as required by StepStone, for example).

In addition, the result of your work can be seen in real time: Based on the principle “what you see is what you get”, changes are instantly displayed. Alternatively, for those who like working with HTML, we provide the option to directly adjust the code.

Theresa Latz about Prescreen Job Ad Designer

“I found it very exciting to already get an idea of the new feature during beta testing. As a recruiting manager, I am naturally less entrusted with technical tasks, but it was very easy for me to find my way around the new functionalities — and my first template was ready to use within an hour.”
Theresa Latz
Human Resources Manager Recruiting and Talent Acquisition,
Gothaer Finanzholding AG

Unique but consistent appearance

Thanks to a corporate-design area, you can adapt the look & feel of your ads specifically to your employer brand. Use the editor to personalize colors, fonts, logos, and other image elements as intended in your corporate design guidelines. Your company consists of different divisions? You are responsible for different brands? In precisely these cases, you will benefit from the freedom to display each one individually.


Job Ad Designer: Changing colors

A few clicks to define the corporate design


Furthermore, you can define structure and components in advance and adapt them to different types of jobs. The option of inserting Prescreen placeholders is particularly helpful to remain flexible with your content.

By preparing templates company-wide in this way, you will increase productivity in later process steps and ensure a uniform external appearance. Once the corporate design, structure and layout have been set, you or your colleagues do not need to worry about these issues any further.

Demonstrate professionalism

Prescreen is happy to assist you with valuable know-how. This is also reflected in the new tool. With the editor, we provide you with expertise on perfect job ads and accompany you through the process step by step. Thanks to best-practice templates, which we will include soon, you may start creation even more quickly. That way, you can generate professional job ads with little effort and invest your time in the important things that make up your job.

TIP: Get started quickly by making use of our support

Our detailed description will guide you step by step through the new feature and its functionalities. In the tool itself, you will shortly find helpful best-practice examples as a basis for your own template.

Smooth publishing

You are familiar with ads not being displayed as expected? A major objective during feature development was to make sure that publishing ads ran smoothly. Therefore, all templates created with the Job Ad Designer can be optimized extensively and are easily compatible.

Prescreen Job Ad Designer: Optimizing for different views

Computer, smartphone or StepStone — ensuring the optimal view with targeted adjustments


We support different viewing options and specific adjustments. For example, you may create the optimal view both for desktop PCs and for mobile devices. A special highlight is the “structured template”, with which you can ideally prepare for StepStone. In addition, job ads based on your templates are automatically optimized for high visibility on search engines and Google for Jobs.

To ensure upfront you will achieve the desired result, we also offer a preview option. The job ad will then already show the correct placeholder data.

Freedom to adapt and experiment

In recruiting, speed ​​and reacting flexibly are often key requirements. With the Job Ad Designer, you can implement your ideas autonomously — whenever you wish to do so. Thanks to the immediately available templates, you may create and publish job ads on the spot. Your templates, of course, are available for editing at any time.

We also know the challenge of different target groups having differing expectations when it comes to job ads. Whether you aim to attract young people or senior professionals, candidates for technical positions or for your sales department: Address varying preferences regarding design and content precisely. Create as many templates as you want and adapt them depending on the group of people. This flexibility also applies to linguistic preferences: You can lay out different language versions directly within one template.


We hope you enjoy getting creative — and wish you good luck with recruiting!

TIP: Look behind the scenes
In case you are wondering about the faces behind the new feature, where motivation and ideas came from or what still lies ahead … We have chatted with three of our responsible colleagues and would like to show you how and why our new feature came about. Gather exclusive insights from our interview.

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Further reading

You will find a detailed description of the new Job Ad Designer and its functionalities in our comprehensive documentation.

Learn more and design templates

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