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Your daily work as a recruiter is comprised of many tasks that cost more time than they need to. Until now, Prescreen took care of some of these – in the form of partially automated actions as well as scheduled messaging. With our new Automated Workflows feature, we are heralding an era of fully automated applicant management processes. By taking care of routine tasks we are making it easier for you to spend your time where it counts.
Prescreen Automated Workflows
Prescreen is now programmable: create an automated series of actions based on a set of conditions that you can define yourself. Use them to handle repetitive tasks and minimize unnecessary workload.

Automatizing recruiting processes can even help with improving the candidates’ experience! Nurture candidate activity by making sure applicants receive replies on time and are addressed individually.

This is how it works:

1. Trigger

Choose which event should trigger automated actions within Prescreen.

Example events: Receiving a new application, when an application has not been completed two days after creation, when the application status hasn’t been updated within 15 days, or when candidates decide to cancel their application.

2. Condition

Define the conditions that will allow for actions to be executed.

Example conditions: When the salary requirement exceeds a €50.000,-, when the application status has been set to “Rejected”, when the applicant is a minor, or when “Facebook” is part of the recorded application source.

3. Actions

Set up an action, or a series of actions, for when both the triggering event and conditions align.

Example actions: Send a message to a candidate, change an application status, notify a job’s main contact, add a tag to a candidate, or send out an invitation to a questionnaire.



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