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An overview of what we offer

Ultimate, Advanced, Core – or Go? Prescreen has a lot to offer. With our expertise in recruiting and modern technology, we make your personnel search faster and more intuitive. Decide which features and services you want to turn your recruiting into a successful New Hiring.


Get the most out
of your recruiting!
224per month

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  • Work flexibly — unlimited users & job slots depending on your hiring needs
  • Application easier than ever — via WhatsApp or XING Easy Apply
  • All functionalities from ADVANCED for high reach, automated tasks, tailor-made recruiting and much more
  • Personal guidance in onboarding & all other services from ADVANCED
  • Know-how from exclusive HR & recruiting workshops


Recruit quickly, efficiently and automatically!
149per month

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  • Work flexibly — unlimited users & job slots depending on your hiring needs
  • Strong in employer branding — with tailor-made jobs ads, feedback functionalities and a link to kununu
  • Automate your messages and tasks, integrate tools, customize your recruiting
  • Personal guidance in onboarding
  • All other functionalities and services from CORE


The basic equipment
for your New Hiring!
116per month

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  • Work flexibly — unlimited users & job slots depending on your hiring needs
  • Remote hiring with video interviews & XING TalentManager integration
  • High reach thanks to free channels and multi-posting & all functionalities from GO
  • All services from GO & additional know-how from consultation-hours and webinars


Get off to an easy start in modern recruiting!

Contains 1 Jobslot

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  • Two users, one job slot
  • Smart start with best-practice default settings
  • More overview and convenience in recruiting, professional candidate experience and much more
  • Flexible onboarding, know-how from the Prescreen Knowledge Base & email support

Would you like to advertise more jobs? Or use other valuable functions for your recruiting?

We will be happy to advise you personally on your way to New Hiring



Scope of services

Unlimited users: Be flexible as a team check check check up to 2 users

Choose the package of job slots that fits your hiring needs

check check check 1 job slot
Simplify your recruiting and reduce your time-to-hire
Define roles and processes within your team
Use pre-configured access groups check check check check
Edit access groups plus create new ones check check no no
Create recruiting processes for different positions check check check check
Keep an eye on the important numbers
Track and evaluate application sources and campaigns check check check check
Use pre-configured reports check check check check

Create and edit own reports check check check check
Export reports (XLSX, CSV or PDF) check check no no
See news and tasks at a glance
Personal dashboard with notifications and tasks check check check check
Central messaging center including activity and message log check check check check
Schedule and conduct video interviews check check check no
Connect Prescreen with a variety of HR tools via REST API (interface) check check no no
Link your company calendar (Google, Office 365 or Exchange) and schedule appointments check check no no
Ensure security
Use single sign-on (SSO) check check check check
Manage and adapt data protection settings check check check check
Generate wider reach for your job ads and more applications
Create custom job ads with just a few clicks
Use and edit pre-configured job ad templates check check check check
Create own job ad templates check check no no
Optimal display on mobile and desktop as well as job boards and search engines check check check check
Present your open positions on your career page
Integrate via link to your candidate center check check check check
Integrate directly via widget and customize check check no no
Integrate directly via feed and customize check check no no
Publish your vacancies conveniently on up to 900 job boards
Automatic and free push to selected job boards check check check no
Publish on up to 900 job platforms with just a few clicks via a multi-posting partner* check check check no
Integrate active sourcing functionalities into Prescreen via XING TalentManager* check check check no
Offer maximum convenience when applying
Allow candidates to apply via WhatsApp check no no no
Offer a one-click application via XING Easy Apply check no no no
Offer a convincing candidate experience and win the right talent
Simplify your pre-selection with custom questions and video questions as part of the application check check check check
Professionalize your communication …
… with adaptable language versions (for candidates and colleagues) check check check check
… with message templates and a custom company signature check check check check
Conveniently manage your candidates
Save promising candidates via tagging in your talent pool check check check check
Search, filter, print and export your applications check check check check
Allow candidates to set up an account for multiple applications check check check check
Gain feedback from candidates and publish it easily on kununu check check no no
Automate tasks to gain time for what is important
Send automatic confirmations and rejections or delay messages, if needed check check no no
Define rules once so that recurring tasks are completed automatically check check no no
Set reminders for tasks and appointments check check check check
Have text processed automatically (CV and email parsing) check check check check
Benefit from our additional services
Enjoy personal onboarding service with Customer Success check check no no
Receive support via email check check check check
Enjoy access to the Prescreen knowledge base check check check check
Join all Prescreen webinars check check check no
Join Prescreen consultation-hours with our experts check check check no
Join exclusive Prescreen workshops check individually bookable individually bookable no
Personal consultation-hours for your team individually bookable individually bookable individually bookable no
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*to be booked separately, additional costs may arise

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Feature overview

Details that may interest you

What exactly is a “user”?

A “user” refers to one person from your team working in Prescreen. The GO package, for example, includes two users. This means that you and another colleague from your hiring team can work together in Prescreen.

You have a larger team and want more flexibility? In this case, we recommend ULTIMATE, ADVANCED or CORE. With these packages, there is no limit on the number of users working with Prescreen.

What is a “job slot”?

You set up a “job” or “job slot” when you create a position to be filled in Prescreen. For this active job, you can then assign roles and rights, define an individual application process, create job ads in your own CI and reach job seekers on up to more than 900 platforms. Jobs that you have successfully filled are archived in Prescreen and then no longer count as active jobs. The GO package includes one active job.

Do you usually advertise several vacancies at the same time? In this case, we recommend ULTIMATE, ADVANCED or CORE. These packages allow you to select the number of active jobs that you can manage in Prescreen at the same time, according to your needs.

How many job slots can I select?

You can select job slots in staggered quantities. Use the price calculator above to see for yourself what packages for 5, 10, 15 or 20 jobs will cost. If you need more job slots, this is no problem of course – we will be happy to advise you personally on the best package size for your situation.

Do I need a credit card?

No, you don’t need a credit card to discover Prescreen – whether you simply want to start with the GO package or conveniently order the CORE package online.


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