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Goodbye talent shortage, hello active recruiting!

#Trends / 24.09.2018

The prevalent lack of talented specialists poses challenges for recruiters on a daily basis. It makes it even more difficult to find the right person for the job. Things are no different for Robert, an old-school recruiter. He has also noticed the lack of qualified applicants. This doesn’t come as a surprise; according to the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the German labor market will lose 4 million wage earners by 2030. No wonder 95% of employers find it hard to fill positions. They also lose nearly €45 billion in sales every year because of positions that haven’t been filled.

Active recruiting made easy

It is the same for Robert. His applicant database is empty, and he is investing a lot of time in the recruiting process, which isn’t too successful at the moment. One day he discovered an applicant management system that solved his problem of finding applicants thanks to its integrated talent pool and active recruiting capability. He is now able to contact potential candidates who are not actively looking for work. Prescreen, an applicant tracking software, features a state-of-the-art level of active recruiting, and it makes the entire recruiting process easier for Robert thanks to direct access to XING TalentManager. The days of waiting for applications and not finding qualified applicants are over. Robert is taking advantage of active recruiting, so he finally has time for other things.

Prescreen: the applicant tracking software with candidates included

As a cloud-based applicant tracking software, Prescreen eliminates problems related to finding, organizing and communicating with the right applicants. By integrating XING TalentManager, you can manage 14 million potential candidates from the XING Talent Pool directly in the applicant tracking software and contact them. A single tool allows you to access the right profiles and contact information and to send invitations to applicants. By integrating active recruiting into your daily recruiting process, you save time. However, detailed reports also help you to optimize your own processes. This new function won Robert over completely – recruiting has never been easier!

Advantages of integrating XING TalentManager into Prescreen 

  • Access XING profiles in Prescreen: See over 14 million XING candidate profiles directly in Prescreen’s applicant tracking software.
  • Save time: You save time looking for the right candidates thanks to Prescreen’s active recruiting.
  • Look for candidates: Filters make a targeted search possible – from all sectors and lines of work.
  • Efficient applicant management: Contact potential candidates with a single tool and manage applications.
  • Effortless communication: The XING Mailbox and Prescreen Message Center are updated automatically. There’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to potential candidates.
  • A clear overview of your favorite applicants: Create a list of your favorite applicants to keep track of them – that way you won’t forget who the most promising ones are.
  • Fits to a tee: Find people with expertise and the know-how you need, and see what their expectations are and how willing they are to move around.
  • Send contact requests and invitations: Send contact requests and invitations to XING users directly in Prescreen.

A step-by-step guide to active recruiting success

Active recruiting with Prescreen and the XING TalentManager make recruiters like Robert successful in just a few steps. It is as simple as having an active Prescreen license and access to the XING TalentManager to look for potential candidates.

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