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Feature Overview


Automated Workflows

  • Semi-automated features
    Timely delayed message distribution, the creation of events and tasks, status updates and many more semi-automatic features are included by default in the Prescreen standard package. Also features concerning GDPR compliance within the recruiting process or the automatic classification of a candidate to a predefined application step belong to Prescreens basic functionality.
  • Fully automated features
    Flexible recruiting with Prescreen does not only include the customization of recruiting processes but now also fully automated workflows and the automation of complex recruiting process chains. With Automated Workflows we introduce a new dimension of flexibility, being the first ATS to allow its users to define workflows based on a variety of logical conditions giving recruiters the power of true automation.
  • Important use cases: Candidate nurturing
    In today’s labor market where companies compete for the best candidates, it is important to stay in touch with potential prospects. With Automated Workflows you can specify rules when candidates should receive certain messages. E.g.: After X days of application creation, having the tag TALENTPOOL, send an encouraging e-mail.


In everyday recruiting, there are many repetitive tasks that cost time and represent unnecessary sources of error. Prescreen offers, among others, the following functionalities to automate these processes and thus make them reliable:


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