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Applicant management

View applicant data

  • The recruiter dashboard
    Directly after you log in to your Prescreen account, you’ll see a short summary of your recruiting. The latest jobs, applicants, and your recruiting performance over a certain period can be taken in at a glance. This always keeps you up to date.
  • The candidate profile
    You’ll find all of the information and data about an applicant in the candidate profile. In addition to master data, resumes and file attachments, the candidate profile also provides information about all previous applications in the company, appointments, and messages to or from the applicant.

Share applicant data

  • Download candidate profile and resume
    If you want to share applicant profiles or CVs with colleagues who do not have Prescreen access, you can easily download them.
  • Anonymized applicant profiles
    Files can also be downloaded on an anonymized basis to ensure the required level of data security. Especially for personnel consultants, there is also the option of including their own cover pages for CVs and candidate profiles when downloading. This enables the involvement of external people in the recruiting process and still guarantees anonymity for your applicants.

Efficient applicant management

  • Administer talent pools
    By assigning specially created candidate tags, you can select promising applicants and group them together in a structured talent pool. The job newsletter also keeps interested candidates informed about new jobs at all times.
  • Reminder function
    When there are a large number of applicants for a job, it may be difficult to keep track of the status of individual candidates. The reminder function alerts you to a status that has not been changed for too long, depending on the setting. This ensures that no applicants end up stuck in the process.
  • Assign applicants to a job
    You have received an exciting application, but you find the applicant more suitable for another position? In Prescreen, you can assign the applicant to a specific job, just as you can for unsolicited applications. The applicant is then added to the defined application process.
  • Full-text search and filter
    Full-text search allows you to search your entire candidate pool in Prescreen using a simple keyword search. In addition, a large number of existing filters makes this search easier.

Personalize applicant communication

  • Message templates
    Your applicant communication always retains a personal touch, even if your messages are sent automatically, thanks to the option to create message templates for the confirmation of receipt, approvals, rejections or invitations to interview.
  • Company signatures
    A general company signature for all users of your company can be defined in the administration in Prescreen for uniform applicant communications. This ensures a consistent image of your employer brand.

Automate applicant communications

  • Automatic receipt confirmation
    Prescreen supports you in many ways in informing your candidates about the current status of their application. For example, an automatic receipt confirmation can be sent to the applicant immediately when the application is received.
  • Delayed messages
    Some messages, such as positive or negative answers, shouldn’t be sent right away. Message timing allows you to automatically send messages to your candidates at a predetermined time.
  • Mass emails
    If you want to send the same message to several candidates, you can simply select all the desired recipients in Prescreen by clicking on them.

Video interviews

You can schedule video calls directly in Prescreen and conduct them from the app. The video tool is hosted by Prescreen itself and is therefore safe and flexible. There is no need to switch to third-party programs. You can simply invite your candidates with a new message placeholder.

Work as a team

  • Role and user settings
    Create different role and user groups, to which you can assign special permissions as needed. This gives each team member access to the areas and information relevant to him or her.
  • Candidate activities protocol
    The activity log within each candidate profile facilitates collaboration and coordination in large teams or across departmental boundaries. This enables everyone to know which steps and activities have been completed with regard to each candidate.
  • Give feedback
    The feedback system allows a quick and uncomplicated initial assessment, which can be viewed by everyone involved in the recruiting process.

Candidate relationship management

  • Parse emails
    With the email parsing function, your messages sent from Prescreen always end up in the applicant’s email inbox. Conversely, the messages from your applicants are always loaded into Prescreen. Of course, you will also receive a notification of the new message in your email inbox.
  • Attach appointment invitations
    If you integrate your company calendar, you can attach appointment invitations to messages and also see if your colleagues are available at a certain time.
  • Subsequent information requests
    The information sent by your applicants is not enough to fill a vacancy? This happens sometimes, but it’s not a problem at all with Prescreen. You can also send questionnaires, online assessments or personalized e-mails with exercises and tasks to your applicants afterwards.

kununu integration

  • Improve Candidate Experience
    Prescreen’s new feedback feature allows you to request, receive and evaluate reviews from candidates and employees directly in the app. Receive honest feedback to improve your Candidate Experience and publish it directly on kununu to strengthen your employer brand.
  • Collect and evaluate feedback
    View anonymous reviews in Prescreen and evaluate them using various filter combinations, giving you even more insights!
  • Message templates and automated workflows
    Create message templates and use Prescreen’s automated workflows to trigger review invitations at the right time in your process.
  • Publish reviews on kununu
    Together with kununu, Prescreen offers a powerful integration that allows you to publish your candidate’s and employee’s reviews. The anonymous feedback is automatically published on your kununu company profile. This way you can make your public employer profile even more attractive.


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