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Applicant management

Prescreen gives you an overview of your recruiting process. From screening to final recruitment, you retain control over candidates, jobs and your team.


Faster screening of applications

Analyze applications and include all relevant factors in the pre-selection process.

Recruiting Teams

Organize recruiting teams

Find favorites together and involve colleagues, all without any training.

Applicant Communication

Personalized applicant communication

Stay in contact with candidates and keep them informed about the status of their application at all times.

Mobile Recruiter Dashboard


All applicants in one place

Your personal Dashboard gives you a first overview of the latest applications for your open jobs. You can also see where each applicant stands in the process.

All applications can be viewed – regardless of whether it is an application for a specific position, an unsolicited application, or an unfinished application – independently of the respective application source.


Screen applications

You can view the resume, assessment results and personal information in the candidate profile. If the candidate has linked their application to social media, their resume will automatically be kept up to date. The candidate profile also shows which jobs an applicant has already applied for in your company and enables you to assign them to another job.

The matching algorithm enables the analysis and comparison of applicants. This gives you a pre-selection of the most promising candidates and keeps them in view at all times.

Active Recruiting

Recruiting in a Team


Work as a team

Prescreen supports cooperation in a team through a variety of functions. With flexible role and user settings, you can involve your recruiting team, as well as people from the relevant departments, and ensure that each team member has access to the information that is relevant to them. The activity and message log in each individual candidate profile also means that you always have an overview of applicant-related tasks.

Enable your team to give feedback on attractive candidate profiles and participate in team decisions, all without complicated training.


Build your own talent pool

Don’t miss a chance to find optimal team members. Create your own talent pool and stay in touch with applicants. With just a few clicks, you can search through your talent pool and invite your favorites to apply for an open position.

The system also uses the matching algorithm to propose suitable candidate profiles from your talent pool. Use your own database to find suitable profiles before you pay a fee to publish job advertisements externally.

Applicant Talent Pool

Candidate Communications


Communicate with candidates

Communicate quickly and simply. Prescreen offers a central platform for communicating with applicants.

Always send your messages at the right time by defining a delivery time in advance. You can create your own templates and signatures so that your messages always have the necessary personal touch without costing you any time. This means that you will always comply with your own CI guidelines and remain true to your employer branding concept.

Email parsing

Thanks to our modern email parsing technology, candidates can easily reply to your messages with an email. This spares everyone the often complicated and confusing system-based communication. As soon as the applicant has sent an answer, it is automatically loaded into your Prescreen account and waits for you to check it out. This effectively centralizes your applicant communication and is also comprehensible for your colleagues.

Mass emails

Have you sent a positive answer to an optimal candidate? Have they accepted your offer? Congratulations! You can now send the remaining candidates a collective rejection message. In other cases, too, for example if you want to send several candidates a questionnaire or an invitation to an assessment, mass e-mails make the process simpler.

Message Templates

Whether you’re recruiting in a large team or you have the sole responsibility for communicating with candidates, templates enable you to send messages quickly and to use a consistent style of writing. In Prescreen’s Messaging Center, you have access to standard templates, can create templates for different use cases, and insert signatures and placeholders for a customized approach.

Company signatures

You can use your own sender address and signature when communicating with applicants. Emails sent with Prescreen look as if they came directly from your email program. And this means they also meet the CI guidelines.

Recruiting Process

Corporate processes

In large companies in particular, it is often necessary to set up various user roles with different rights. As an administrator, you can of course customize your recruiting processes at any time and optimize them on an ongoing basis.


The reminder function ensures that each candidate is guided through the entire recruiting process and that no one is forgotten on the way. If an applicant status is not changed over a previously defined period, the responsible recruiter receives a reminder email.

Calendar link

See at a glance when you and your colleagues have appointments (free) by linking your calendar to Prescreen. Attach appointment invitations for your applicants and your team to your messages right away and keep your calendar up to date.


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  • Pre-sorted candidate lists
  • Email parsing
  • Company signatures
  • Flexible user roles
  • Work in a team
  • Download resume



Candidate List
Pre-sorted candidate lists

Let our matching technology give you the right shortlist of candidates.




Email Parsing
Email parsing

Candidates can respond to your messages directly with an email. This is imported immediately into your Prescreen inbox.




Company signatures

Uniform company signatures enable a consistent appearance in your communication with applicants.




User Roles
Flexible user roles

Control the authorizations of your colleagues by establishing user roles.




Work in a team

Ensure transparency and include your colleagues in the decision-making process.




Download resume

Resumes can be downloaded in an anonymized way, or with all personal data.



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