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Win people over with the ideal application process

Recruiting doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it easy for job seekers to apply to you. With Prescreen, you benefit from a variety of low-threshold application options and a streamlined process design. This will help you find suitable candidates even faster.

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Applying conveniently by smartphone with WhatsApp

Pick up the job seekers where they are searching.

Thanks to the mobile application option via WhatsApp, now it is very easy for people to apply even while on the move. Simply integrate the corresponding button in your ad, and your applicants can start the guided application chat.

This lets you skip the hurdle of a classic, formal application and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • You reach new target groups across many age and professional groups
  • The feature is programmed in such a way that you automatically communicate in the language of your applicants
  • With WhatsApp as an application channel, you demonstrably avoid losing candidates and improve your completion rate

Discover WhatsApp as a modern application channel: uncomplicated, fast and intuitive. Prescreen is one of the first applicant management tools to make this possible.


One click to a new job

With the convenient one-click application via XING, applicants can find you and your new job with little effort.

The XING Easy Apply feature is automatically available for all your job listings published on XING. This helps you generate up to four times more applications and successfully avoid dropouts.

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Lift your recruiting to the next level!

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Achieve success faster with lean processes

Less is more – this motto applies to recruiting as well.

Prescreen therefore offers you a streamlined application form that has been developed based on best practice experience. However, since some positions can require precisely fitting application processes, you also have the option of customizing questions on your application form.

Competency questions and various uploads can also be conveniently integrated into the application process. This means you can request only the information relevant to this position from your applicants and win them over right from the start with a positive candidate experience.


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