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Create space through automation

Say goodbye to laborious manual tasks – Prescreen enables programmable, fully automated applicant tracking processes. This lets you save your time for the really important things and reduces your time-to-hire.

Automatisierung im Recruiting

Erklärvideo Automatisierung im Recruiting


Time for important things

In recruiting there are many repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time. Prescreen has made it its mission to simplify the recruiting process and to support recruiters through automation.

Possible examples of automation are:

Automation can be used for repetitive processes and thus minimize frequent sources of error. In addition, you can also define rules for communication with candidates — all in the interest of good relationship management.


Bye-bye repetitive work steps

Define entire chains of work steps with a variety of triggers, conditions and actions that you can run independently. In addition, you can link individual procedures with each other and thus further optimize the recruiting process.


Triggers are action- or time-based and mean that a step is triggered to activate the process chain. A trigger could for example be the receipt of an application.


A condition that you specify means that the action will only be performed if the condition is met. The condition, i.e. the “if”, could, for example, be a certain basic requirement that candidates must bring with them.


Last but not least you define an action. An action is the action that is performed when the trigger is released and the condition is met. The action, i.e. the “then”, could be the automatic sending of a certain message, for example.

Example: Imagine that you are looking for sales representatives. The trigger is the receipt of an application, the condition could be the willingness to travel and the action is a rejection email, if the willingness is not given.



Lift your recruiting to the next level!

Anwendungsbeispiele für Automatisierung mit Prescreen


Application examples for automation

Minimize manual processes by creating individual workflows. The following applications and a multitude of others can be mapped in this way.

Successfully completed application

Candidates have become aware of your company and your job advertisement has convinced them. Therefore, they start with an application, but for various reasons they do not complete it. An automatic, personalized follow-up e-mail is intended to motivate candidates to complete the application.

Applicants have begun but not yet finished the application process.

Fewer application abandonments

Sending a reminder email so that the application will be finalized quickly.

Definition of the steps
Trigger: Application was started

Condition: If the application is not completed 1 day after its creation

Action: Reminder mail is sent to applicants

Communication with candidates

Candidates have successfully sent their application and are now waiting for your feedback. Sending a personalized confirmation of receipt manually to candidates can take a long time. Nevertheless, a quick response is necessary to provide a positive Candidate Experience to candidates while maintaining their motivation.

Applicants do not receive any feedback as to whether their application has been received.

Applicants should receive a message upon receipt of their application.

Applicants who have completed their application will automatically receive a personalized e-mail.

Definition of the steps
Trigger: Completed application

Condition: In this case, a condition is not mandatory as it is sufficient to define the trigger as the receipt of the completed application in order to define an action.

Action: Personalized mail for the receipt of the application is sent to applicants

System message to recruiter

While candidates are sent an automated message when they receive their application, you as a recruiter should of course also be informed about the new application. Therefore, it is particularly useful to automate this step. As soon as a new application is received, you will receive a message from the system.

Recruiters are not informed about new applications.

Recruiters should be informed immediately about the receipt of new applications.

As soon as applicants have completed their application, recruiters receive a message.

Definition of the steps
Trigger: Completed application

Condition: Again, a condition is not mandatory, since it is sufficient to define the trigger as the receipt of the completed application.

Action: Recruiter receives a notification about new applications

Pre-screening and status update

Not every application meets your expectations and requirements. To avoid losing too much time screening unsuitable candidates, the system can easily take over the initial pre-screening for you and at the same time update the status of the applicants in the recruiting process. All you have to do is determine which requirements, for example, are absolutely necessary to invite candidates to the next round of applications. The first pre-screening is then carried out automatically. In addition, as a recruiter you can and should also receive a system message in this case.

A large number of applications that fail due to must-have requirements but nevertheless need to be reviewed.

Applications that do not meet certain requirements should be identified and sorted out early.

Applications that do not meet the requirements (e.g. salary expectations, language skills, etc.) are set to the status “rejected”.

Definition of the steps
Trigger: Completed application

Condition: Answer “No” for knowledge of French

Action: Change status to “Rejected”

System message to the department

The more people and departments are involved in the recruiting process, the more complicated and lengthy it can be. It often takes days until you receive feedback from other parties involved and the risk that candidates have already decided on a different employer increases steadily. Instead of manually reminding your colleagues about new applications, this step can be automated. In this way, people from other departments or areas are reminded of their tasks. At the same time, you can send a patience mail to candidates so that they know that their application is being processed.

Missing feedback from the department.

The department should respond to an application as quickly as possible.

Upon receipt of a new application (or after pre-screening) and if the status of the applicant is not changed by the department after X days, an automated reminder email is sent to the department head. At the same time applicants receive a patience mail.

Definition of the steps
Trigger: Status change forwarded to department

Condition: After 4 days no change of applicant status from the department

Action: Reminder mail to department heads and patience mail to applicants


Timing is everything

Messages such as acceptances or rejections should not always be sent immediately. Prescreen allows you to automatically send messages to your candidates at a pre-determined time. Whether individual messages or mass mailings and newsletters, you decide when the messages are sent.

Versand von Nachrichten

Feedback und Onboarding


More questions?

Have you found the right employee? Congratulations! Now it is only a matter of clarifying a few important questions and obtaining feedback.

With Prescreen, you can fully automate the process of ensuring that the selected candidates have all the necessary information about their new position and even clarify the last open questions. Whether it’s a Mac or Windows work tool or a dress size for the team shirt – with Prescreen you can also automate onboarding communication.

Once the new employee has arrived at the company, you can specify that this and other new team members receive a feedback request about their work in your company after six months, for example. You can then publish this on kununu and thus strengthen your employer brand.



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