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Confirming an interview

Use this template when you want to confirm an interview with a candidate or simply want to remind them about it in good time. Confirming an interview or sending a reminder makes candidates feel that they are being addressed on a personal level and given individual treatment as well as helps to prevent or clear up misunderstandings.

Three tips for confirming an interview

  1. Repeat the most important information: When confirming an interview, you must reiterate when, where, and with whom it is being held. This lets you make sure that there have not been any misunderstandings in previous communications.
  2. Keep it short and sweet: Do not make your email any longer or more complicated than it absolutely needs to be. Sending a confirmation should not create unnecessary confusion, so reduce what you say to a minimum.
  3. Timing: You should confirm the date and time for an interview immediately after you have agreed on it, so don’t let too much time go by. If you want to use the confirmation as a reminder for when an interview is scheduled, make sure you don’t send it out too far in advance or too close to the actual date.

Template for confirming an interview

Dear Ms. Doe,

We are writing to confirm (once again) your interview for the position of [job title] with [name of contact] scheduled for [time] on [date].

We look forward to meeting you!

[Your name]


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