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Make the right decision together

Enable your team to participate in decisions: From viewing relevant applicant information to planning and conducting interviews to communication, you can involve your team in every step. This creates transparency and in the end allows you to make the best decision — together.

Bewerbungen screenen


Using collected knowledge

In the candidate profile, you can view all personal information of applicants. The profile also shows which positions candidates have already applied for.

E-mail parsing

As soon as applicants have sent a message, it is automatically being loaded into your Prescreen account and at your disposal. Thanks to modern e-mail-parsing technology, candidates can easily reply to your messages with an e-mail, too. This simplifies the often complicated and confusing system-based communication and creates transparency. Your candidate communication is thus effectively centralized and is also comprehensible for your colleagues.

CV download

If you need the profile of candidates not only online, you can also download resumes of applicants with just a few clicks. There are several formats available to you and also the possibility to download profiles anonymously.

Keeping track of communication

The ability to contact candidates directly from within Prescreen means that communication is centralized and transparent. You can keep track of who is already in contact with candidates and what information has been exchanged.

Ways to get to know candidates in advance

In this way you can design your application process more personal and receive additional relevant information.


Video message

As part of the application process, you can ask your candidates to record or upload a video message directly into Prescreen to get to know them already before the first interview.



Pre-select your candidates by means of questionnaires. Integrate filter questions into your application process to exclude unsuitable applicants in advance.


Organize and conduct job interviews with ease

Simply send date suggestions to applicants and invite your colleagues to the interviews. Thanks to the integrated calendar function and the option of linking your company calendar with Prescreen, you can easily coordinate appointments with all colleagues involved in hiring and always have an overview.

Prescreen also offers the possibility to organize and conduct video interviews. Thanks to video integration, you can interview candidates from all over the world.

Bewerbungsgespräche organisieren und durchführen


Lift your recruiting to the next level!

Im Team entscheiden


Decide as a team

Prescreen supports transparent and efficient teamwork through a variety of functionalities and enables a professional appearance to applicants. Include every person involved, whether part of the recruiting team or from other departments.

Roles and rights

Create different access groups that entail special permissions as needed. That way every team member has access to the relevant information — and only that. Prescreen also supports you with presets for ideal access groups.


Always keep track of your team tasks with the reminder functionality. Open to-dos, unprocessed candidate profiles and upcoming appointments are displayed directly in the dashboard and thus support you in your organizational processes.

Team communication

Encourage active exchange within your team and gather feedback on promising candidates. The comment functionality in Prescreen allows you to ask for feedback on candidates. This ensures that the entire team sees and evaluates each relevant application.


Request feedback

Who knows your application process better than your candidates? Request reviews of the entire application process directly from within Prescreen and evaluate the feedback you receive. Recently hired employees can also provide you with valuable feedback on the new job and their satisfaction with the company. If desired, you can also publish this feedback fully automatically on Europe’s leading employer rating platform, kununu.

This way, you can not only optimize your application process and thus the candidate experience — also the employee experience. But furthermore you can also strengthen your employer brand and leave a positive impression on future candidates.

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Prescreen maps the entire recruiting process from A to Z. You have found suitable employees? Then you can also use Prescreen for the first steps in onboarding and clarify any remaining open questions. By using automated workflows, you can automatically send messages to your future employees and thus easily initiate your onboarding process. Via the API interface, you can then transfer the application data to downstream systems easily and with just a few clicks.


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  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Premium support
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Employer branding
  • 100% mobile-ready
  • Flexible languages

Cloud-based and secure

Prescreen is ready-to-use and can be accessed from any device, regardless of location. Our software is hosted on European servers and encrypted using modern security technology. This means no installations or updates are necessary and you can be sure that you always have the latest software version.


Premium support

Our team supports you with valuable expertise and guidance throughout onboarding and beyond. Meet us in regular consultation-hours and webinars to learn about new features. Furthermore, our Support Team is easy to reach.



GDPR compliance

Data protection is a top priority for Prescreen. A wide range of functionalities ensures that you comply with data protection principles such as deletion periods, data minimization and the up-to-dateness of personal data and that your recruiting is implemented in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Your personal touch

Create a corporate signature and templates in your corporate design. These can be adopted and customized for all Prescreen users in your company. In this way you leave a personal impression even in automated messages.




100% mobile-ready

Applications no longer are only sent from home. Enable candidates to apply on the go via smartphone or tablet. Thanks to its responsive user interface and modern technology, Prescreen is available on all devices.


Servus, Ciao, 여보세요, Привет, …

Prescreen speaks the language of your candidates and enables a positive candidate experience. The system is also available in the language of your employees, making recruiting even easier.



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