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Design your ideal process

You can define your ideal process for every new employee search. With Prescreen, this begins wherever you need it: from efficient advertising to choosing the most suitable person – you can set up your recruiting processes in just a few clicks.

Recruiting-Prozess definieren


Define internal and external procedures

Depending on the position, your internal recruitment processes may vary. So you can assign a specific process for a new job and further customize it if desired.

Different requirements for applicants also require custom-fit application processes: Define the questions for the application form individually for each job in order to receive only the information relevant for this position from your applicants. Competence questions or various uploads can also be easily integrated into the application process.

To get started quickly and easily, Prescreen offers you best-practice presets for both types of processes. You can adjust these further, if necessary, so that you achieve the best result for your individual recruiting.


Lift your recruiting to the next level!

Job-Team erstellen


Create job teams

To work efficiently in a team, clear structures and processes are required. Since different jobs entail different requirements, you can also design the job team individually for each advertised position.

Prescreen’s flexible access group system allows you to assign different roles and rights to various users. This ensures that each team member only has access to relevant information and areas.

You do not have a feeling for what these roles could look like? No problem: Our standard presets, which you can further adjust as required, will guide you.


Job ad design

Define the layout of your job ads with just a few clicks — specifically tailored to your company. In this way you strengthen your employer brand and convince applicants of your company.

Make use of these custom-fit templates for all your job ads in order to save time and to add additional professionalism to your application process.



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  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Premium support
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Employer branding
  • 100% mobile-ready
  • Flexible languages

Cloud-based and secure

Prescreen is ready-to-use and can be accessed from any device, regardless of location. Our software is hosted on European servers and encrypted using modern security technology. This means no installations or updates are necessary and you can be sure that you always have the latest software version.


Premium support

Our team supports you with valuable expertise and guidance throughout onboarding and beyond. Meet us in regular consultation-hours and webinars to learn about new features. Furthermore, our Support Team is easy to reach.



GDPR compliance

Data protection is a top priority for Prescreen. A wide range of functionalities ensures that you comply with data protection principles such as deletion periods, data minimization and the up-to-dateness of personal data and that your recruiting is implemented in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Your personal touch

Create a corporate signature and templates in your corporate design. These can be adopted and customized for all Prescreen users in your company. In this way you leave a personal impression even in automated messages.




100% mobile-ready

Applications no longer are only sent from home. Enable candidates to apply on the go via smartphone or tablet. Thanks to its responsive user interface and modern technology, Prescreen is available on all devices.


Servus, Ciao, 여보세요, Привет, …

Prescreen speaks the language of your candidates and enables a positive candidate experience. The system is also available in the language of your employees, making recruiting even easier.



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