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We strive to continuously improve the core functions of Prescreen in order to provide our customers with the best possible user experience. The process of creating jobs has been extensively revised and now, in addition to a new look, also has a number of functional improvements. This means that this part of the app is ready for future-proof further development.

On July 23, we are happy to present this optimized process to you:

Note: The access rights for the job management remain unchanged. Even in the new design, all users will only see the functions that they had previously been able to access.
  1. Job details
    The form has been divided into two sections for a better overview: basic information (standard job information) and additional fields (your custom data fields). When selecting the recruiting process, there is a preview of the process steps. In addition, the basis for the matching can be defined in this process step.
  2. Job team
    When copying the team from an existing job, there is a preview of the team members.
  3. Job ad
    The template selection and the option to upload a banner have been rearranged for easier navigation.
  4. Application process
    In this step, you can define the application process as usual.
  5. Publish
    The process steps “Publication” and “Job board booking” were merged into one step – all existing access rights are taken into account, just as before. This means that your job marketing options are bundled together. The list of posted job advertisements is divided into “Active” (currently published ads) and “Past” (expired or canceled ads). All bookings are clearly shown in one list. The publication settings for the career page and the widget are available in the same process step as are social media links.

Improved usability

  • The changes in each process step can either be saved with the green “Save changes” button at the top right – you will not leave the current process step – or with the “Save & continue” button, which will save changes and forward you to the next process step .
  • If there are unsaved changes in the current process step, a warning is displayed if you try to navigate to another process step or exit the job creation process completely.
  • In the menu on the top right there are two round buttons with which you can easily copy the application link and the address of the application mailbox. Just click on the button, the link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!


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New job creation process: Impressions


Prescreen | Job creation – Job details

Job creation – Step#1: Job details


Prescreen | Job creation – Job team

Job creation – Step#2: Job team


Prescreen | Job creation – Job ad design

Job creation – Step#3: Job ad design


Prescreen | Job creation – Application process

Job creation – Step#4: Application process


Prescreen | Job creation – Publishing

Job creation – Step#4: Publishing, job marketing


Prescreen – Job creation | Unsaved changes

Job creation – Unsaved changes warning

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