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Candidate Reviews and kununu Integration


Prescreen | Kandidaten-Feedback

Evaluate candidate experience and get an honest feedback from your newly hired employees. With the new review feature Prescreen enables you to request, receive and evaluate reviews from candidates and employees directly in the app. In addition you can publish the reviews on kununu, Europe’s leading employer branding platform.

How it works:

  1. Request reviews
    Use the placeholders „Review invitation: Applicants” and „Review invitation: Employees” to insert a link to a review form into your messages to candidates. You can schedule the invitation to be sent at any time using the „send later” option in the messenger.
  2. Review form gets filled out
    Candidate clicks the link in your message to access the review form, fills it out and sends their anonymous feedback (no personal data of the candidate is saved in connection to the review). You can preview the review forms in Settings > Integrations > Reviews.
  3. Evaluate review
    After the review is submitted, you can see and evaluate it in the Reports > Reviews section. Evaluate the reviews using different filter combinations (job, application year, application result etc.). Define, which users should have access to reviews with the access right permission „can see and evaluate reviews”.

Make the most of it:

  • Send review invitations at the right time
    Decide, when you would like to request a review to get a complete, relevant and honest feedback from your candidates or employees. Requesting feedback from candidates is mostly suitable after you made a final decision regarding the application and communicated it. For the newly hired employees it makes sense to wait until the end of the probationary period.
  • Use message templates
    Create message templates to make the process of review invitations easier for you and your teammates.
  • Automate review requests
    Use Automated workflows to send the review invitations at the right time in your process. An example workflow could go like this: Send a review invitation to candidate 3 days after the application status was changed to „Rejected” (for candidates) / 3 months after the application status was set to „Hired” (for employees).
  • Publish the reviews on kununu
    We teamed up with kununu to design a powerful integration, which enables you to publish your reviews on the Europe’s leading Employer Branding platform. Activate the integration in Settings > Integrations > Reviews > kununu integration. Once the integration is activated, at the end of each month the latest reviews will be published on your kununu company profile.

Improve your workflows through feedback, build a strong employer brand. Prescreen is there to support you!

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