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Automated Workflows

  • Illustration of individual recruiting processes
    Customize your individual processes within Prescreen: You can create a variety of hiring requests, application and recruiting processes. Adjust the system to your company-specific needs and set up your individual recruiting workflow, which constitutes the basis for advanced applicant tracking automation.
  • Semi-automated features
    Timely delayed message distribution, the creation of events and tasks, status updates and many more semi-automatic features are included by default in the Prescreen standard package. Also features concerning GDPR compliance within the recruiting process or the automatic classification of a candidate to a predefined application step belong to Prescreens basic functionality.
  • Fully automated features
    Flexible recruiting with Prescreen does not only include the customization of recruiting processes but now also fully automated workflows and the automation of complex recruiting process chains. With Automated Workflows we introduce a new dimension of flexibility, being the first ATS to allow its users to define workflows based on a variety of logical conditions giving recruiters the power of true automation.
  • Important Use-Cases: Candidate Nurturing
    In today’s War for Talent where companies fight for the best candidates it is important to stay in touch with potential prospects. With Automated Workflows you can specify rules when candidates should receive certain messages. E.g.: After X days of application creation, having the tag TALENTPOOL, send an encouraging e-mail.

Customize reports

  • Create reports tailored to your needs [COMING SOON] In addition to ready-made reports, numerous user-defined reports can also be created in Prescreen. Use all the data about your recruiting and go into more depth with the reports created especially for you. In this way, you can find the sticking points in your recruiting and exploit additional optimization potential.
  • Compare key performance indicators
    To ensure that your reports are readable and understandable for all users, the most important recruiting figures are examined in the reports. Improve your time-to-hire, learn more about your best performing application channels and optimize your candidate numbers.
  • Include all recruiting channels
    Every single channel is considered to enable an optimal analysis of your recruiting performance. Active recruiting, external job platforms, and candidate-related activities are collected across all recruiting channels, thereby preventing false reporting.

Video interviews

You can schedule video calls directly in Prescreen and conduct them from the app. The video tool is hosted by Prescreen itself and is therefore safe and flexible. There is no need to switch to third-party programs. You can simply invite your candidates with a new message placeholder.

Video messages

In addition to video calls, you can also integrate video messages into your application process. Optimize your selection process and get a better picture of your candidates with video messages. These can be integrated both in the application form and in a questionnaire. Candidates can answer the user-defined questions with an uploaded video or a recording that they can take directly with the camera of their laptop or cell phone. You will then find the videos in the candidate profile under “User-defined questions”.

Maximum flexibility

As an applicant tracking system, Prescreen aims to provide companies with optimal support for their recruiting. This is why Prescreen emphasizes maximum customizability. Design the software to reflect your specific structures and processes — not the other way around. This core principle applies to all aspects of Prescreen as the following functionalities, among others, demonstrate:


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