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Submitting applications

Application process

  • Lean application process
    With the help of our best-practice application process, you improve the candidate experience and thus reduce premature dropouts. Furthermore you can supplement and customize your processes with additional questions depending on your specific requirements.
  • Seamless website integration
    Prescreen makes recruiting easier for you and applying easier for your candidates. Candidates can enter the application process directly via the website, without pop-ups or forwarding.
  • Optimized for all mobile devices
    Prescreen is optimized for all mobile devices on both the candidate and recruiter sides.

Entering applicant data

  • Recording resume information
    With Prescreen, your candidates have a variety of ways to upload their resumes:

    • CV Parsing: When uploading a completed PDF resume, CV parsing is used to read all the information and transfer it to the candidate profile. Just like with manual entry, applicants can then check their data and revise it if necessary.
    • Linking to social media: Applicants can also provide their CV through a link to their XING or LinkedIn profile. This ensures that the CV in Prescreen is always up to date.
    • Manual entry: All data and information in the CV can be manually entered into an online form during the application process and subsequently checked and edited.
  • EasyApply on XING JobExchange

Get more information

  • Additional questions and questionnaires
    In order to get all of the information that you really need to make an informed decision, Prescreen allows you to integrate individual questions into your application processes. Individual additional questions can also be combined directly into online questionnaires that you send to your applicants.
  • Find out where the application comes from
    Learn more about your applicants and find out which application source is most relevant for your open jobs! You can collect important information about the behavior of your applicant target group, and not just within the framework of the reports.

Video messages

In addition to video calls, you can also integrate video messages into your application process. Optimize your selection process and get a better picture of your candidates with video messages. These can be integrated both in the application form and in a questionnaire. Candidates can answer the user-defined questions with an uploaded video or a recording that they can take directly with the camera of their laptop or cell phone. You will then find the videos in the candidate profile under “User-defined questions”.


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