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Automatic report generation

  • Reporting dashboard
    With Prescreen, you can keep an eye on your recruiting at any time and any place. You will see a short performance overview on your start page, which provides you with the most important key figures.
  • Valuable standard reports
    The Applicant Tracking System provides a large amount of data that is automatically available in different reports. For example, you can track the development of application channels, monitor the progress of applicant numbers for your jobs, or download reports and send them out.

Customize reports

  • Create reports tailored to your needs
    In addition to default reports, you can also create further individual reports in Prescreen. Use all the data about your recruiting and go more into detail. In this way, you can find the pain points in your recruiting and exploit additional optimization potential.
  • Compare key performance indicators
    To ensure that your reports are readable and understandable for all users, the most important recruiting figures are examined in the reports. Improve your time-to-hire, learn more about your best performing application channels and optimize your candidate numbers.
  • Include all recruiting channels
    Every single channel is considered to enable an optimal analysis of your recruiting performance. Active recruiting, external job platforms, and candidate-related activities are collected across all recruiting channels, thereby preventing false reporting.


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