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Easy setup

  • Comprehensive consultation
    Our experts advise and accompany you throughout the entire purchase and introduction phase, and help you to meet your requirements.
  • Setup in just a few minutes
    With the Setup wizard, you can configure Prescreen in just a few minutes and be ready to go. If you have any special requirements, our team of experts will be happy to assist you during the integration process.

Map out your processes

  • Hiring requests
    Map out your recruiting process from A to Z. Regardless of whether the specialist department or the recruiting team is responsible for reporting requirements, Prescreen lets you map your corporate processes with different approval levels and hierarchy levels.
  • Configurate recruiting processes
    Every position calls for special requirements and a custom-fit recruiting process. Prescreen makes it possible for you to create different, job-specific recruiting processes.
  • Comprehensive authorization and role concepts
    No matter whether it’s the HR department or a specialist department, everyone involved keeps an eye on their tasks with the help of roles and user settings. Every person sees the information and data that is relevant for them.
  • Multilingualism
    Speak your applicants’ language! In addition to German and English, Prescreen is available for both recruiters and candidates in Spanish, Hungarian, French, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Slovenian, Romanian and Dutch.

Integration options

  • Calendar integration
    Connect your company’s calendar with Prescreen to check the availability of your colleagues and to send appointment invitations to candidates directly from Prescreen.
  • XING integration
    By linking your Prescreen account to the XING TalentManager, you have direct access to 15 million potential candidate profiles from the XING network.
    With the Prescreen REST API, HTTPS requests can be used to read data from Prescreen and load it into Prescreen. The REST API is included in the Prescreen Professional package.
  • Single sign-on
    Single sign-on (SSO) enables users to log in easily and conveniently. If desired, the user identity can be saved via Google Apps and the login to Prescreen is possible without further data entry.

Ongoing support

  • FAQ/video tutorials
    Get to know Prescreen as you work through your first steps in the system. Take a look at our comprehensive FAQ section and video tutorials.
  • Email support
    The Prescreen Support Team will help you to clear up any issues, even after successful integration. To enable us to understand your problems properly, please send an email with a detailed problem description and screenshots to the support team:
  • Automatic updates
    All new features and system updates are immediately available in Prescreen. No manual updates are required.


Our support team looks forward to your inquiries!

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