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#Recruiting / 11.02.2019

5 steps to finding the right applicant tracking software

Every company needs to find the right employees to be successful. However, setbacks and problems often occur during the recruiting process, slowing it down or making it difficult to find the right candidate. Among the factors that can get in the way of an ...

#Recruiting / 20.04.2017

The problem with job portals

You might well think that the number is overwhelming, but in truth, the jungle of job portals in German-speaking countries is not yet all that complex. However, recruiters are often spoiled for choice. Between the large platforms like, or, you will ...

#Recruiting / 19.01.2016

In-house recruiting

What are the opportunities and challenges associated with it?  Do you know who your company’s real performers are? They are the employees bursting with ambition and motivation who therefore are really valuable to the company. These are the people who have to be retained ...


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