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If you are a young and fast growing company, you may struggle a little when it comes to hiring new employees. Whether you are insecure about the needed qualifications or it is hard for you to make a clear job specification. These slides will guide you towards a solid startup recruiting strategy and give you the chance to overcome your problems.

Maybe you just need someone who you can rely on and who is able to execute a lot of different tasks and has the ability to work efficiently under high pressure. Startups are mostly looking for people who integrate easily into the existing team, work proactive and are ready to take responsibility.

Find out more about establishing a clear hiring process:

Full Presentation

If you already have created a strategy that works well for your company you can use these slides to develop a larger view on the topic.

Never underestimate the power of human resources!

If you want your company to be excellent, you need to make your recruiting excellent. Do not be afraid of hiring people who are smarter than you. They will help you staying innovative and critical. Nothing is worse for a startup than having inflexible processes and unnecessary coordination structures. Your recruiting should express your identity. Only that way you can ensure that applicants know what they have to expect. Your companies culture is unique. Remember that not everybody can deal with that. If you do not want to lose time and money with wrong recruiting decisions, you have to ensure that you hire the right people.

You are new to recruiting? We would love to help you to make the most out of your hiring. If you want to see how an application tracking system can modify your recruiting you can try Prescreen for free! Register now.

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